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 1. Have you personally visited local suppliers to collect samples for submitting to 
      a lab?

  2. Have you discussed with the supplier the construction process?
  3. What is the source of the material?

  4. Is the source consistent?

  5. How much notice is needed to guarantee that the required quantity and quality 
      will be available?

  6. Can they stockpile the materials at their site throughout the project, or must the 
      stockpile be kept onsite?
  7. Will they mix the components and then wait until an outside lab tests the mixture?

 11. Do they keep "in-house" quality control records?

 13. To what other projects have they supplied material?

 14. Have all of the materials (sands, organic matter, and gravel) been submitted to the lab to verify their 
       suitability according to the USGA Green Section or ASTM recommendations?

 15. Has a sample been prepared according to the lab's mixing ratio to serve as a visual "standard" throughout
       the project?




Test Results coming soon


8-1-1 Tee Mix Specs

Bunker Sands Specs

Divot Mix Specs

Fairway Topdressing

Topdressing Sand

Topdressing Sand (Hot Sand)




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